Meet Our Staff

jay_row3John “Jay” Brennan serves as the CEO for Global Study Connections. Jay holds two advanced degrees including a Master’s in Education. He has worked for over 40 years with a number of private day and boarding schools as: Associate Head of School for External Affairs, Director of Admissions and Residential Life, founder and Head of School for two Day Schools, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, college placement counselor, pastor and teacher. Jay and his wife Dottie have hosted international students and parents, in their home in Maine for over twenty years.  Jay has traveled extensively in Asia where he has led seminars on topics such as, “Gaining Entrance Into America’s Top Universities.” and “Twelve Marks of a Good Boarding School.”  He has written for the China Daily, as well as for the Korean newspaper, Chosun.  When in Korea, Jay has had the opportunity to teach at the Kangnam Joongang Baptist Church in S. Korea. In the U.S. he is the teaching pastor of the Dexter First Baptist Church.

Jayme L. Chenoweth in Maine, is the Vice-President of Global Study Connections and serves as its Coordinator of Student Support Services. She supervises the admissions placement details with schools and the support services international students require after they enroll. She manages GSC contracts with schools and sending agencies. Jayme coordinates all communication between schools and the agencies with whom we partner. Jayme is a graduate of Gordon College in Boston with a major in biblical history. She is married with five young boys. You can reach Jayme at 207-420-4998 or

Weijia (Vicky) Shen in Pittsburgh, PA and Shenzhen, China, serves as Director for Special Projects. Vicky provides educational materials on the EB-5 immigration program, the Dexter School in Suzhou, short-term programs, summer programs with elementary and middle school students. Vicky is a graduate of Boston College and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. Vicky can be reached at

Heajung Kang in Seoul (Gangnam), S. Korea, serves as the Director of GSC’s office in S. Korea. Heajung graduated from Chung-Ang University with a degree in English Language. Haejung has over 25 years experience in working with study abroad programs, placing Korean middle and high school students in schools in the U.S. as well as Canada and Australia. Heajung also works with Korean students who want placement in American universities, particularly art and design schools. You may contact Heajung at or 82-010-9936-6361.

Larry Li in Beijing, California and China, is a Senior Partner with Global Study Connections. Larry studied for 15 years in the US and manages GSC’s partnership with its Suzhou School in Suzhou, China. Larry also assists with student placement at private boarding schools and American universities and student management of students once they arrive in the US.   Larry also directs and supports GSC’s work on immigration issues for students and their families. You can contact Larry at

Ying “Tracy” Tu in Maine and Beijing, China, serves as a Student Care Manager. Tracy graduated from Xi’an Foreign Language University with a major in English. Tracy served as Project Manager for China Garments Group Company for seven years. She then served for 10 years as the Senior International Settlement Manager for the Bank of Communication Beijing. Tracy is married to Alex Zhao and their daughter attends graduate school at John Hopkins University. Tracy can be reached at or 207-249-2806 or WeChat: tuying7129.

Myeonghoe Son in Seattle, WA, Myeonghoe is a graduate of the University of Washington with a major in communications.  She came to the US in 2008 as a high school student after which she graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle.   She now resides in Seattle, WA and works on marketing materials for the GSC Korean office.  Her email is:

Christina Tien Thuy Bui in California, serves as a Student Management Counselor and ESL instructor working with students from Vietnam. She is completing her Ph.D work at the University of Kentucky in Business.  She graduated from Hung Vuong Gifted High School of Mathematics, Vietnam and Husson University in Bangor, ME. Christina is friendly, outgoing, and a good listener. You may contact Christina at:

Vivien Zhao in Beijing, China, serves as a translator with Global Study Connections and is located in Beijing, China. Vivien has her undergraduate and Master’s degree from Beijing Foreign Language University in English Literature. She served as the personal assistant and interpreter for Juan Antonio Samaranch, former President of the International Olympic Committee. Vivien is ready to work with Chinese parents and students in helping them in the application process to middle and high schools in the U.S. as well as American universities. You may contact Vivien at or 86-158-1001-7785.

Yuou WU in Boston, MA, serves as a volunteer consultant and translator.  Julie is a graduate of Georgetown University and The London School of Economics. Yuou has served as a coordinator in the GSC Summer English Institute and continues to support GSC with translation work and marketing materials for China.  She has worked at IMF in Washington, DC and currently a Ph.D candidate at MIT in Boston.

Yuxuan “Julia” Zhao in Baltimore, MD and Shenzhen, China, serves as a student Intern.  Julia is a graduate of John Bapst Memorial High School in Maine and Skidmore College in New York, as a double major in Biology and Art.  Julia is currently a graduate student at John Hopkins University’s School of Public Health. Julia has spent 12 years studying in the US.  Julia has served as a volunteer in GSC’s Summer English Institute in Maine and Boston.

Sumin Lee in Boston, MA and Seoul, S. Korea, serves as a student intern.  Sumin is a student at Bentley University in Boston majoring in Accounting.  Sumin serves as a volunteer intern with GSC and assists in accounting processes.   Sumin is in her 7th year of studying in the US.

Caleb M. Chenoweth in Glenburn, ME and Seoul, S. Korea, serves as a student intern.  Caleb is a student at Maine Central Institute, Pittsfield, ME.  Caleb serves as an intern during the summer months, both in S. Korea and the US.  Caleb helps with recruiting, orientating new students to the American culture and welcoming new students to the US. 

Yinuo “Anna” XU in Boston, MA and Nanning, China, Anna is a graduate of Bentley University in Business Management and an employee of PWC in Boston.  Anna consults with GSC as needed and is employed as an accountant in Boston. 

Hae Jin Lee in Seoul, S. Korea, Ms. Lee attended high school in America both under a J-1 Visa and F-1 Visa. She attended Bentley University and Husson University and holds both a BS and MBA degree.   She works in Korea and consults with GSC. You can reach Hae Jin at:

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