What People Say

It was our great honor to work with Mr. and Mrs. Brennan while our son Hadi studied in America.  Mr. Brennan and his wife not only helped in the placement of Hadi, but they also were regularly involved with him throughout the three  years he attended and graduated from Foxcroft.  We grew to appreciate the work of Mr. and Mrs. Brennan who also provided opportunities for my husband and I to become involved in the academic community of Hadi’s school. Hadi is now at a university in Boston and I know Global Study Connections with Mr. and Mrs. Brennan will stay actively involved in Hadi’s life, for which we are grateful.

Dr. Wafaa El Saddik and Dr. Azmy El Rabbat; Cairo, Egypt

Our daughter Seulki traveled to America to study when she was only 14 years old. It was the Brennans’ encouragement, guidance and great care of our daughter that led to our daughter’s ability to adjust to life in America and her success as a student.  As parents we had the greatest assurance our daughter was well cared for, even beyond the classroom.  When she applied to American universities the Brennans’ helped in the application process and  took her to some of the schools to which she had applied for personal tours and interviews.  Now at Boston University, Global Study Connections and the Brennans continue to support her in her studies.  We continue to appreciate the good work of the Brennans with our daughter.

Dae-ok Kim and Yoong Sook Seo; Seoul, South Korea

We considered sending our son to a boarding school in America in part because the schools in France were not able to meet all of his educational needs. Mr. Brennan was kind enough to travel to Boston and talk to us about options.  When Adrien arrived in America Mr. Brennan worked with the school with which he was affiliated and arranged for all the academic support Adrien would need to be successful. Now Adrien is attending a university in California, studying communications.  We were so delighted to work with Mr. Brennan and others who together ensured that all of Adrien’s academic needs were met.

Jean Pierre Simon and Ferreshte (Ferry) Simon; Paris, France

luo1Our daughter Mengli had always dreamed of studying in America.  Through the work and support of Jay and Dottie Brennan,  Mengli’s dreams have come true.   Not only did our daughter graduate from a well established boarding school, but was admitted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she is now an engineering student.  We have always had great confidence in the safety and well-being of Mengli knowing that the Brennans were working to care for her needs, even now as she attends RPI.  We would highly recommend other families using the services which the Brennans offer through Global Study Connections.

Peiqun Luo and Yu Mei Zhou; Changzing, China

When we first sent Priscilla to America we had many worries, not only about how she would adjust to her new life, but also would people in America look after our daughter and take good care of her.   We are thankful to the Brennans for their good care of our daughter. We were very pleased and thankful for the great care they and others provided. Priscilla who is now back home in San Paulo only looks back on her study abroad experience with the fondest memories.

Rosely Bonizzi and Luiz Muro, San Paulo, Brazil

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