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Mt. Lebanon School District is considered a state and national leader in the field of education and is a nationally recognized and award-winning school district.  Mt. Lebanon is a Pittsburgh suburb with a national reputation for excellence.  Located six miles from downtown Pittsburgh, this 6.0 square mile, predominantly residential community is home to 34,000 residents.  The population is highly educated, with most adults having a college education.  The community has a strong commitment to education and is actively involved in an educational partnership with the school district.

Mt-Lebanon-High-School-1The district operates seven elementary schools (grades k-5), two middle schools (grades 6-8) and a high school (grades 9-12). The combination of a highly trained staff with educated and committed families results in students who achieve local, state and national honors in instructional, athletic and arts forums.

Each year, 93% percent of our high school graduates continue their education by enrolling in post-secondary programs.  This success is a product of a variety of factors including parent and community support, a motivated student body, a skilled teaching staff, solid classroom instructional practices, aligned assessments that measures growth and performance, and a well-articulated curriculum.

We believe that our curriculum must be comprehensive and balanced in order to meet the needs of all students. Mt. Lebanon curriculum is research based, modeled from best practices, and aligned with state and national standards.    Within each program of study, students master essential knowledge, skills, and competencies.   This occurs by having students participate in a broad range of opportunities both within and outside of the classroom setting.  It is imperative that students apply the knowledge, skills, and competencies to real world issues.  In addition to mastering core knowledge, skills, and competencies, the District also believes it is vitally important for students to develop competencies in “21st century skills” such as those highlighted in our strategic plan.  These skills include:

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Working cooperatively with diverse groups
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own learning
  • Producing quality work

Global Studies Program

Mt-Lebanon-High-School-2The Mt. Lebanon High School Global Studies Program enhances students’ academic and extracurricular experiences by providing a framework of courses and activities with a global focus. The Global Studies Program introduces students to the vast opportunities available in the field of international studies through an academic program with an emphasis on international themes. Participation in the Global Studies Program provides students with a foundation of knowledge, skills, and experiences in our community at both a local and global level.

Continuous improvement is one of the Mt. Lebanon School District core values. At its essence, it means the desire to get better minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. It is an acknowledgement that nothing in any organization is perfect and that there are multiple opportunities for improvement that continuously present themselves. Continuous improvement is the primary strategy District staff uses to achieve the District vision of a relentless pursuit of excellence. The continuous improvement philosophy is the recognition that the pursuit of excellence is a moving target. What is excellent today may be the definition of mediocrity tomorrow. Never accepting the status quo is the only way to keep a great school district great. Continuous improvement is what we desire for our students as they learn throughout the year and move from grade level to grade level and subject area to subject area. It is the Mt. Lebanon staff commitment to this philosophy that creates outstanding student performance levels in academics, the arts, and athletics. The results staff members achieve are a reflection of how well continuous improvement is practiced across all schools and departments.

  • Estimated Start Date
    Late August
  • Estimated End Date
    Early June
  • Number of Students
  • Student Population
  • Teachers with Advanced Degrees
    337 (District)
  • Teacher/Student Ratio
  • Average Class Size
  • ESL Programs
  • AP Classes
  • Year Established
  • School Uniform
    Casual, dress code
  • Grades
  • Campus Size
    26 acres
  • Foreign Languages Offered
    Spanish, Latin, German, French
  • Arts
    Concert, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Chorus, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Dance Company, School Musicals
  • AP Courses
    AP English Literature & Composition, AP English Language & Composition, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Environmental Geoscience, AP U.S History, AP U.S. Government & Politics, AP European History, AP Psychology, AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art, AP French, AP German, AP Spanish
  • Activities
    Student Council, Student Newspaper, Yearbook, Journalism
  • Sports Offered
    Baseball, Basketball, Basketball (Intramural), Cheerleading, Crew (Rowing), Cross Country, Diving, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Kayak (Intramural), Lacrosse, Rifle Team, Soccer, Softball (Intramural), Swimming, Tennis, Track , Volleyball, Volleyball (Intramural), Weight Training (Intramural), Wrestling
  • SAT Average
  • University Acceptance Rate

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