Global Study Connections offers a wide variety of services and programs to meet the needs of international students and partnering schools. In addition to the links to our Summer Program, Short Term Study Program, and OPT Programs, GSC also provides services in the following 12 areas:

(Please contact us to request more information on the programs below.)

Boarding and Day School Application Processing

GSC staff work directly with students and their parents, as well as overseas partners, in finding an independent school that fits the academic goals of a student and helping them through the application process.

Teacher and Staff Training

GSC staff members make themselves available to schools for professional development training of a school’s faculty, dorm parents and residential life staff in a variety of topics related to working with international students.

Host Family Placement

GSC provides host family placement services to international families, as well as to many of the day schools that partner with GSC. GSC screens all its host families, conducts background checks and conducts an on-site visit prior to placement.

Tutoring and Academic Support

When needed or requested, GSC works with parents and school administrators to arrange private tutoring or academic support for a student who is having academic difficulties or who wants to improve their academic standing.

Global Academic Short Term Program

This program is more demanding than our Standard Short Term Program. Students attend a partnering school for 3-10 weeks. Students are fully immersed in the curriculum of the school. The program includes weekend activities, as well as visits to top American universities.

On Campus Student Management Services

GSC staff members work with partnering Day Schools to provide for student management services where the school has no formal residential life program. At Boarding School GSC staff connect with dorm directors and students to make sure that students are adjusting to dorm life and address any issues where a student needs an advocate with the school. GSC staff members get to know administrators, staff and faculty members as a way of connecting international students to those at the school who most effectively can support the student in their academic work.  See our Student Management Services in Chinese.

OPT Internships, Work and Visa Opportunities

GSC works with students and their families in pursuing OPT internships and work opportunities, as well as opportunities in a few cases to apply for an H1-B Visa. GSC also works with a team of lawyers who can provide legal counsel in the H1-B process or the EB-5 Immigration Process.

TOEFL, SAT, ACT Prep – US Based

Partnering with Dr. Liz Kwo M.D. and her team of educators, GSC is able to offer SAT I and II, ACT and TOEFL prep classes. These classes are offered during school breaks, as well as on-site at various partnering schools throughout the year.

Guardianship Services

GSC, when requested by the international parent, takes on the role of a legal guardian for an international student while they are in the US in order to act on behalf of parents in non-emergency medical situations, as well as in academic and host family situations that call for immediate action.

Vacation Break Trips in US

Many boarding schools close their dorms during extended vacation breaks. During these 1 to 2 week dorm closures, GSC provides adult supervised trips that range from 5 to 14 days to places like Boston, New York City, Washington DC or Disney World. These trips can be arranged with 5 months notice.

University Partnerships

GSC works with universities in Europe such at the American University in Bulgaria and the University of Pecs in Hungary, as well as universities in China and Korea, in recruiting US students and international students for these universities. GSC also works with international universities in creating partnerships with American universities for a variety of programs.

University Application Counseling and Placement

GSC works with international students in helping them understand the university system in the US and admission requirements of various universities, appropriate schools for their academic interest, as well as navigating the application process to American universities.


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