Amazing Adventures in China

I have spent the last 12 days in China and now my time in China is coming to an end. I began my travels in Beijing for 4 days then to Hangzhou, then to Changxing, then back to Hangzhou for more meetings, then to Ningbo and then Wenzhou and the back to Hangzhou then to Guangzhou and finally to Shenzhen. (see my blog – Amazing Asian Adventures) During most of my travels I stayed with students in their homes. In all these cities we held parent and student receptions, lunches and dinners with individual parents and meetings with consultants and schools.

What has impressed me most during my time China has been our students, as well as their parents. While Mengli (Diana) organized and led most of my trip she was joined by several other Academy students including Yuxuan, Chuqiao, Bolin, Adam, Cody, Soki, Lily, UB and Pan Yao who all played a significant leadership role in the various meetings and receptions, as well as organizing the smallest details of my travels. The parents of these students have also taken care of the vast majority of my travels, meeting, meals as well as the receptions. My gratitude can not be expressed by words, I am simply overwhelmed by the show of hospitality and affection by students and parents alike.

I tried keeping a blog, but it was blocked in China so while I am in Koren (the next leg of my travels) I will try to post my journal to Amazing Adventures in Asia.

For now you can view the following photo galleries: Beijing Photo Gallery, Changxing Photo Gallery, Hangzhou Photo Gallery, Ningbo and Wenzhen Photo Gallery, Guangzhou Photo Gallery and Shenzhen Photo Gallery. Also photos in: The Forbidden City and Wuzhen Ancient City.

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