Yuxuan Comes Home to Visit

In our earlier days working in boarding schools, one of our favorite students was Yuxuan Wang.   Yuxuan was not a particularly studious student, but she was full of energy and Yuxuancreativity, a great sense of humor and cared about people.

Dottie and I back in 2010 had the opportunity to visit with Yuxuan and her family in Beijing and then again in 2011.  Yuxuan’s mom and dad have also enjoyed time in our home here in Maine.

Today, Yuxuan is a senior at Pratt Art Institute in New York city.   We have stayed connected with Yuxuan and her family through the years.   This past fall we were delighted whYuxuan 2en Yuxuan decided to make one of her many pilgrimages back to Maine for a visit.

Yuxuan, who is also a great cook, taught Dottie how to cook some traditional Chinese foods and then prepared a feast for us and a house full of students.  Dottie and I, and a house full of students, are all anxious for Yuxuan’s next visit.

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