Travels to Daejeon

My most recent trip to Tokyo and Korea were a part of my work with Global Study Connections, which works with international students and families who are looking for study abroad opportunities.

I have been fortunate that a few of my past colleagues have come on board in partnership with me in recent months. Hae Jin Lee who went to high school and college in America and lived with Dottie and I for a period of time has been a big help in our work in Korea as has Eunkyung a friend and counselor with an established Korean agency.

On this trip Seulki’s parents as well as A Young’s and Hae Jin’s all made sure I was safe and well taken care of during my stay. Over a period of about 10 days I traveled to six different cities with Hae Jin, Eunkyung and Hwang,

Our first stop was in the city of Daejeon, which is south of Seoul. The trip was a two hour car ride through the country-side of S. Korea, where I saw for the first time what I would call “rural” S. Korea. Lots of farms and rice fields and small village with the most modest of houses.

While the purpose of our trip was meeting with students and parents in these various cities a real side benefit was stopping to eat in small traditional Korean restaurants – great food!

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