Celebrating YoYo’s Birthday

One of the advantages of international students living in a host home is that they get to experience a traditional American birthday celebration.

This past week YoYo, who came to American in September as a 13 YoYoyear old, got to celebrate her 14th birthday with Dottie and I and some of YoYo’s friends.   Joining us was GSC staff member and Chinese mother Tracy TU, who was able to cook some traditional Chinese food for YoYo’s birthday.  In fact, Tracy provided YoYo the opportunity to learn how to cook a traditional dish in China made with sweet potatoes and lots of sugar!

Also attending the birthday celebration were Moncia, Yinuo, Anna and Yuxuan.  All of the students enjoyed the sweet potatoes dish and some traditional Chinese soup.   While the cake was a bit sweet everyone took a taste, while our grandchildren finished the cake!


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