Summer English Institute

GSC’s 2016 Summer English Institute and American Culture program brings Chinese and Korea elementary and middle school students to Maine and Boston for a 3 week program of immersion into American literature and culture.   Here Dottie is instructing a class … Continued

Yuxuan Comes Home to Visit

In our earlier days working in boarding schools, one of our favorite students was Yuxuan Wang.   Yuxuan was not a particularly studious student, but she was full of energy and creativity, a great sense of humor and cared about people. … Continued

Celebrating YoYo’s Birthday

One of the advantages of international students living in a host home is that they get to experience a traditional American birthday celebration. This past week YoYo, who came to American in September as a 13 year old, got to … Continued

Travels to Daejeon

My most recent trip to Tokyo and Korea were a part of my work with Global Study Connections, which works with international students and families who are looking for study abroad opportunities. I have been fortunate that a few of … Continued

Amazing Adventures in China

I have spent the last 12 days in China and now my time in China is coming to an end. I began my travels in Beijing for 4 days then to Hangzhou, then to Changxing, then back to Hangzhou for … Continued

Visiting with Boarding Alumni

Recently Dottie and I met You Jin Choi in Boston for a two day reunion. You Jin lived with us during the 2005-06 and 2006-07 school year. She was the student who played the piano for us every night while … Continued

Eating Korean at Harvard

Dottie and I spent New Year’s in Boston with students and alumni of the Academy’s boarding program. Hae Jin, who is a sophomore at Bentley University, served as our guide and found us a great Korean restaurant near Harvard University. … Continued

Mengli visits WPI

Diana (Mengli) who is now in her third year living with Dottie and I has now begun to apply for her university studies. Of course with three sons having graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and her interest in engineering … Continued

Hae Jin and NaRae Come to Visit

Its been two years since Hae Jin and NaRae graduated from Foxcroft Academy, but their love of Foxcroft keeps them returning for periodic visits. Hae Jin is in Boston studying and NaRae is in New York, both enjoy their university … Continued

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